Safety Guidelines
For an open dining room

  • A reservation for 5 people or more is required
  • No more than 30 guests in the dining room at one time
  • Guests will be asked to wait outside if they are waiting for a table.
  • Please only send one person (if possible) to the host stand to request a table
  • Seating will be strictly guided by the host – no more seating yourself
  • No more than 8 guests per party
  • No bar seating
  • Reservations are HIGHLY encouraged and can be made on Open Table or by calling the restaurant
  • All menus will be disposable
  • Tables will be cleaned and sanitized between each party
  • Condiments will be by request only and will be brought to your table in one-time use containers
  • Our drink station is no longer self-serve (for the time being), the good news is that your server will get all beverages for you!
  • Tables will be allowed 75 minutes to complete their entire meal – this is only to assure that our reservations are met in a timely manner.  Parties of 5 or more will be given 90 minutes.
  • All employees will be wearing masks and gloves at all times, and will have their temperatures read before the start of every shift.
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized at the top of every hour – if you feel uncomfortable using the restroom, you can request an employee sanitize before you use.
  • Front door will be opened all day, pending any extreme weather.
  • Masks must be worn by all customers when entering the restaurant.  Once you are sat at you table, you may take your mask off.  But if you need to get up for any reason, you will have to put your mask back on.

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